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Bulk SMS

RedRabbit offers Bulk SMS messaging services worldwide via its own Epicenter SMS Messaging Platform that connected to more than 600 Networks all over the world and processing millions of messages daily. RedRabbit is facilitating the different business verticals to utilizing the SMS messaging services to the max serving the business and the customers.


RedRabbit offers A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS Messaging via its comprehensive SMS portal to serve small business and marketing agencies OR via its robust SMS messaging API (Application Programming Interface) to serve clients that operate their own applications and need to send SMS messages directly from the application using RedRabbit SMS messaging API, which makes the integration of their systems with RedRabbit gateway fast, simple, and reliable.

2-Way SMS

RedRabbit offers two-way SMS that allow you to deploy your two-way SMS applications using its two-way SMS Platform with configurable flow rules to manage/route the incoming messages to specific destination. RedRabbit offers two-way SMS applications like voting, surveys and any other customized application according to your needs.

Cloud-Based APIs

RedRabbit provides a cloud-based APIs (Application Programing Interface), to allow clients to connect their programs, application or system directly to RedRabbit SMS Platform to send automatic SMS messages to the end users based on specific time or action. RedRabbit SMS cloud-based APIs facilitate a secure connectivity end to end beside a scalable capacity to ensure high throughput, on time delivery and direct delivery report reflection.

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