benefits of global mobile messaging system


Mobile messaging (SMS and beyond) is a great way to communicate and there is no end to its uses. Across industries RedRabbit's services can be utilized for better communication and to reach higher levels of customer interaction and service.

Here, we have listed a number of industry-specific suggestions that can act as impulses to use RedRabbit's sms messaging and bulk sms services in your organization.

Banking and Finance
With SMS messaging, banking customers can perform a wide range of query-based transactions from their mobile phones, without even making a call. They can check their balance, stop a check payment, check their last transactions or even pay their utility bills. Such banking services allow customers to access account information and perform real-time transactions using their mobile phones. This truly is "anywhere, anytime, anyhow" convenience.

A bank can send out SMS messages to clients rather than sending postal receipts for most banking transactions.

A bank can alert its Internet banking clients on every login to the account to assure that their accounts are safe.

Banks can notify credit card holders by SMS when they are close to their spending limit, when payments are due or received, or when a large amount is drawn from their accounts. Customers can also be notified when their cards near their expiry dates.

Of course banks can also communicate with SMS with their own employees, sending them salary slips or other critical information.

Financial markets
Brokerages’ clients and investment decision makers depend on instantly delivered financial information. Their mobile phones represent the best channel to deliver such information to them and allow them to access the latest share prices, foreign exchange rates and market indices on demand.

Personal notifications of stock portfolio transactions delivered to a client’s mobile phone are a convenience that every investor will enjoy.

Beyond merely delivering information, the mobile phone can be used for transactions by enabling clients to issue buy and/or sell orders to their brokers.

Insurance companies
With SMS, insurance companies can remind policyholders about premium payment dates.

School and education
Parents can be notified about their child’s grades and performance as well as invite them to attend parents’ meetings.

With increasing usage of mobile phones among college students, colleges and universities can use mobile messaging and sms messaging services to send students of exam results and inform them about university activities.

Marketing and advertising
Increase customer loyalty by informing your premium customers about special discounts, store events or availability of new goods.

Send personalized gift vouchers to your customers.

Hospitals can send SMS messages to their patients to remind them about their appointments.
Patients receiving critical medications can be reminded to take them by SMS.


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