Redrabbit bulk SMS and mobile messaging service FAQ


To understand how RedRabbit bulk sms and mobile messaging Service operates please see
below a number of frequently asked questions:

How long does it take to setup an account?
Registration for a RedRabbit account is done via the registration process on the home page. We activate your account the instant we verify your details

How do I pay and is the payment system secure?
- You can pay online using our secure payment gateway (will be available soon)
- Bank Transfer
- Speed Cash services like Western Union, MoneyGram, etc.

How long does it take before credits bought are added to my account?
If you made the payment online through credit card the credits bought immediately gets added to your account.
(If you pay online we will credit your account instantly)
If you have selected your mode of payment as Bank Transfer 25% will be added if you send us a copy of the bank transfer and the other 75% will get added to your account once we have received payment in our account.

What is the minimum bulk sms volume that I can buy?
The minimum you can buy is 10,000 bulk SMS messages.

Is there any time limitation to send the messages?

Is there any setup fees?

Can I send Branded Messages?
RedRabbit allows you to choose the originator whether Numeric or Alphanumeric up to 11 characters.

Can I send Arabic messages?
Yes, we support Unicode messages so you can send messages in any language.

Can I send Smart messages?
Yes, you can send Ringtones, picture messages and Logos via RedRabbit APIs.

Can I send MMS messages?
Yes, you can send MMS messages using RedRabbit website

Do you support Delivery Report?
Delivery reports are supported on RedRabbit service. There is no charge for delivery reports.

How many characters can I put in a text message?
For English sms text messaging the maximum character length for an SMS is 160, for other languages such as Arabic, Chinese is 70 characters.

How can I send messages through your Gateway?
1. You can use RedRabbit website where you can import your contacts and send messages
2. You can use RedRabbit APIs for integration with your own applications.

What are the features that RedRabbit website provide?
1. Compose instant messages
2. Compose Scheduled messages (with and without recurrence)
3. Address Book (Individual contacts and Distribution Lists)
4. Message Status
5. Account Statistics
6. Profile (Change personal information and password)
7. Online Help

What if I forgot my password?

Click on the Forgot your Password link or send e-mail.

Is my privacy protected?
We take and shall take any precautions necessary to protect your private information including the content of your messages as well as your account and billing details. This said, however, we expect you to act responsibly when using your account login and password. Limiting exposure to this information to as few persons as possible and by regularly changing the password.


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