bulk sms delivery
bulk sms delivery bulk sms delivery bulk sms delivery
sending bulk sms   mobile messaging, delivered
  portals, content providers & IVR-based businesses
  Convergence is the name of the game for today's media business. Interacting with audiences through mobile messaging is a key ingredient in any media strategy. Whether you provide mobile content, run an Internet portal or broadcast an interactive TV show, you need a messaging partner with who can deliver with speed and reliability:

- RedRabbit enables you to reach your audience quickly, ensuring that your dispatch of breaking news reaches user's mobiles while the news is still hot.
- RedRabbit presents you with a cost effective way to mas-message to thousands of your customers to drive traffic to your IVR system, call center or online shop.
- RedRabbit is the perfect promotional channel for sellers of mobile ring tones, picture messages and logos.

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